Ashley Charitable Trust


The Ashley Charitable Trust is delighted to support Oxford University Foundation Hospital Trust in the production of a series of films covering treatment for patients in the Oxford Cancer Centre.

The need for the films came from feedback from both clinicians and patients who when faced with a cancer diagnosis there is a significant amount of information to take in, during an overwhelming and emotional time.

Whilst there is good written information to assist, information would be more easily understood with the aid of live visuals.

Having a video that the patient and their family members can watch, as often as they need, is a helpful way to provide the latest factual information, in a thoughtful, clear and reassuring manner. Additionally, it is likely that the appropriate use of such information in addition to written information will speed consultation times and improve patients' experience of the service.

The radiotherapy films launched in 2018 share personal testimony by patients at the Churchill Cancer Centre, alongside in-depth interviews with clinicians, to help patients prepare for treatment.

Having chemotherapy for breast cancer - patient guide

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Having radiotherapy for breast cancer - Part One: Preparing for Treatment

Having radiotherapy for breast cancer - Part Two: Having Treatment

Having radiotherapy for breast cancer - Part Three: Side Effects and Support