Ashley Charitable Trust


The successful Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust (ORH) Jane Ashley Unit - founded in 1996 at the Churchill Hospital, transferred in 2009 to the Jane Ashley Women's Centre at the Churchill Cancer Centre.

This was a significant new ORH NHS Trust development, where patients living in Oxfordshire and the surrounding area receive their cancer care in a dedicated facility.

The Jane Ashley Garden is a haven for peace and quiet relaxation to be used by patients, friends and families and hospital staff. The Ashley Charitable Trust is pleased to support the ongoing refurbishment of the Garden.

Cancers specific to women are treated in the Jane Ashley Women's Centre – a 20+-bedded ward, where the previous reputation of supporting women with breast cancer in the Jane Ashley Unit, continues the ethos in combining care of women with breast and gynaecological cancer.

To date, the Ashley Charitable Trust continues to provide invaluable support to the Jane Ashley Women's Centre through the garden and much needed equipment and sitting room furniture.

"I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order" - John Burroughs

The Ashley Charitable Trust is pleased that the achievements of the Jane Ashley Unit has been extended and subsequently raised and provided significant funding for the new Jane Ashley Garden – a haven for quiet relaxation and a place for families to meet privately throughout treatment.

The 400 square metre garden on the second-floor is divided into four areas, including glass sculptures, water features, seating, children's art and raised planting.

Designed by leading UK garden designer, Sarah Morgan, the layout owes much to the experience of the original garden and seeks to provide similar facilities to enjoy access to quiet space. The garden is also open to the Centre in general.

The Ashley Charitable Trust is grateful to the individuals and organisations who have also contributed to the project.

Many people have supported the unit over the years, so as it entered a new era, the opportunity was taken to build upon the support of its friends through The Friends of the Jane Ashley Women's Centre.

The Ashley Charitable Trust continues to support through donation and representation as a Trustee, The Friends of the Jane Ashley Women's Centre (administered by the Oxford Radcliffe Charitable Funds).