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Friends of The Jane Ashley Centre

Since its creation in 1995, the Ashley Charitable Trust has worked closely with The Oxford University Hospitals (OUH) to help women undergoing breast cancer surgery.

The OUH is one of the largest academic acute care trusts in the UK and Europe. Through its partnership with Oxford University and others, it is also home teaching and research global importance.

The Ashley Charitable Trust has provided and continues to provide invaluable support to the OUH Jane Ashley Women’s Centre.

Many people have supported the unit over the years; consequently the opportunity was taken to build upon the support of its friends through Jane Ashley Women’s Centre Friends.


The Friends are supporters, sponsors, patients, clinicians and Centre staff, their families and friends that are:

  • Looking for support in dealing with cancer in treatment, training comfort and care and/or willing to support others in that situation.
  • Interested in fundraising.

The Ashley Charitable Trust actively supports the Jane Ashley Women’s Centre through participation, direct donation and passing on donation requests from patients and their family and other enquiries for donation.

Jane Ashley Women’s Centre Friends is administered by Oxford Radcliffe Charitable Funds.