About The Ashley Charitable Trust

Since 1995, the Ashley Charitable Trust has been proactive in supporting and funding a wide range of projects from the study and teaching of breast and gynaecological cancer through clinical treatment and patient comfort to the research and publication of information to be used by GPs, Clinical and Nursing Consultants and Parents to help communicate information about breast cancer to families.

The Ashley Charitable Trust was set up in 1995 following the death of Jane Ashley, the wife of Neil Ashley and mother of Miles & Richard Ashley — the Ashley family continue to be actively involved as Trustees.

The trust was originally named the Jane Ashley Charitable Trust, and changed its name in 2000, widening its objectives, and aiming to continue the promotion of good health and the fostering, encouragement, development, study, promotion of and research into the causes, treatment, patient care, avoidance of and cure for disease, especially cancer — principally within the Oxfordshire and surrounding region.



The Trustees of the Ashley Charitable Trust are:

Mr Neil Ashley (Chairman) Appointed 1996  
Mr Michael Greenall Appointed 2008 Surgeon
Mr Miles Ashley Appointed 1996  
Mr Richard Ashley Appointed 1996  
Mr Ian Miles Appointed 2015 Accountant
Previous Trustees
  • Mr John Cole retired in 2015 after 19 years service
  • Mr Malcolm Gough (Surgeon) retired in 2008 after 12 years service